Overcoming Obstacles and Helping Families Thrive

Overcoming Obstacles and Helping Families Thrive image

New Giving Levels

Cleveland Pregnancy Center and Lilli Women’s CenterIt all starts with a phone call. Someone looking for help and solutions to perceived problems. We offer a compassionate, listening ear. An appointment is made. The pregnancy test is positive. Many emotions. An ultrasound picture is seen. Tears flow.

  • Life Supporter Level - $300 annually/$25 per month Pillar Partner!

Helps provide those facing unintended pregnancies an opportunity to receive free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, hear all their options including adoption services and carrying to term, and learn about our other support programs.

  • Life Saver Level - $600 annually/$50 per month Pillar Partner!

Helps continue to provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to those seeking hope and answers. Nearly 90% of women who see their baby on an ultrasound will choose LIFE.

  • Life Changer Level - $1,200 annually/$100 per month Pillar Partner!

Save Lives AND Change Lives. A Life Changer gift allows the expansion of the Post-Abortion Care Ministry, the HEART program. Providing hope and healing to women who have walked through the pain of an abortion.

  • Lilli Godparent Level - $6,000 annually/$500 per month Pillar Partner!

Save Lives and Restore Lives! Become a prayer God parent for one of our clients who has chosen life! Receive a ''Certificate of Life'; information about your chosen child and ways to pray for the family! Your donations also helps to provide the financial support to sustain our parenting classes, one on one mentorship, and continued access to our baby boutique.

  • City Transformer Level - $10,000 annually/$1000 per month Pillar Partner!

A City Transformer gift allows the expansion of offered services and introduction of NEW services to unreached and underserved areas of Northeast Ohio communities. A City Transformer helps us build a community of believers to help us support women facing the tough decision of abortion and walking alongside them with the love of Christ.

  • One Time Life Giver Level Donation of any $ amount!

A one-time gift can still help to transform the lives of women, families, and children. Those facing unintended pregnancies, who are abortion minded and those who are in need of help. With your support we can be a light in the darkness and provide options that present alternative paths to life and raising the next generation!

Thank you for your continued support and generosity!

Blessings to you all and see you at our Open House!
Tracy Bihary

Executive Director